Strange but True: Nearly 5000 out of Top 10,000 WordPress Website Weren’t Using Version 4.9.5

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Almost half of the top 10,000 WordPress Websites weren’t using the updated version of WordPress, as per the Report of “The SSL Score“. Doesn’t it seem weird? Of course, it seems something strange but it’s true as per the report.

Please Keep in Mind: The older the version of WordPress you use, the more vulnerable your website is.

As we all know that WordPress community releases WordPress Versions regularly to add new security features, advanced functionalities, to make software better and fix the bugs which help bloggers, creative companies and developers to runa website on WordPress without any hesitation.

Earlier this month, WordPress community has released a new version 4.9.5 to improve the website scalability and security. As we said in the first paragraph that 49% of sites in the Quantcast top 10 thousand didn’t use the more secure WordPress version 4.9.5 till date.

While the latest version is more secure, scalable and effective than the previous versions. As per another report, 33% of WordPress websites weren’t using the latest version above 4.9.3 means they were still using the older versions.

Why is it Necessary to Tuned with the Latest Version?

First of all, let us tell you all that “WordPress is widely used and the most popular platform to create blog, website or an online store.” And that’s the reason “hackers always try to attack this common platform.

Now just think that your website is running on an older version which is having fewer security features then the chances of your website being attacked by the hackers are much more than those WordPress Websites which use the latest version.

It is true that there are very few requirements of technical knowledge to build website or blog using WordPress but it doesn’t mean that you build a website on this platform and that’s it.

It requires the care as you care for your pets. It’s a simple fact that if you don’t care for your WordPress version, you will not deserve a secure website.

We Got Some Reasons Why People Don’t Update the Latest Version:

Yes, this is true that many WordPress users don’t move to the new version because…

  • A new version might affect the site stability.
  • Some old plugins will not work fine on the new version.
  • Some users think that it might increase the downtime issues which is not a reliable thing for the website than the security risks.
  • Make changes in parent theme but not in child theme may cause a bad impact on the website.

These above reasons are just thinking of users who don’t want to tune their website with the updated version of WordPress, while the above issues can be tackled if they put some extra effort while moving from current version to updated one.

The Great Way to be Hacked is Not to Update WordPress Version. Completely Agree.

Many have a question like “How is this possible?” First of all, hackers find the version of a WordPress so, they can easily find out the issues which are having that particular version.

Once they got; they require very less time to hack your WordPress website. You know very well that once your website is hacked; how many ways your website can be used by them negatively.

Note: Google demerits hacked website.

Same like WordPress releases the new version on every 1-3 months to provide ultimate security; hackers also build new strategies to crack the version and hack the website.

This is an ongoing process like WordPress is continuously updating its version to prevent websites from being hacked while on the other hand, the hackers are continuously trying new tactics to hack the website.

Suppose, your website is using an older version which is released before 1-2 years which was having few security issues that might make your website vulnerable to hackers. And thus, WordPress community has released a new version which is able to tackle old version issues.

But still, your website is using the old version and now, the hackers have a strategy to manipulate the website data and/or delete the whole database within few seconds. This isn’t acceptable for any website owner or creative agency.

A Misconception of SMBs: Please Overcome ASAP

Small and midcap-sized business think that they are too small for the hackers and hence, they aren’t vulnerable to any type of hacking. Please overcome such misconception.

According to the 2017 Threat Report of Symantec – a well-known Anti-Virus Software Manufacturing company, more than 70% of SMBs were badly attacked by the hackers in the year of 2017.

60% of Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) die out of the business market within just 6 months of the attack, as per National Cyber Security Alliance report.

In Nutshell, if you do not update the version, you will be vulnerable to cybercriminals.

There is Always a Reason Behind the WordPress Version Update.

WordPress does not release the new versions just for the show-off. There are plenty of reasons and the most critical reason behind the update is “security Improvements” As we have said earlier that the cybercriminals are continuously paying a close attention to what things get fixed in the update. And then after, they start hacking and manipulating your website data.

Read and understand the below concept very carefully, if you love your website and don’t want others to interfere.

Whenever WordPress releases a new version, it describes what the lacking points are in the previous version and how they are tackled in the released version. In short, WordPress is telling hackers that from where they can start and enter into your website to alter the data.

So, if the website is not up to date with the WordPress Community; the chances are very high to become a target. Don’t wait for more time; update the new version when it is released.

One more thing, users do not need to have rocket science level technical knowledge to update. It can be installed easily along with all plugins which are installed on your website. WordPress is smart enough to put your website back from where you began the installation process in case of failure.

The Universal Question: How to Provide Ultimate Security to my WordPress Website?

Every time, WordPress releases new version updates to its CMS or plugins; users get the notification (the new update 4.9.5 is available, Update Now.) in a dashboard. So, users can directly update new version within the dashboard without surfing on Internet or search on WordPress community website.

Here we have listed the points which can help to improve security and won’t give any chance to hackers to interfere your web data.

  • Don’t set the username and password same. Never use “Admin” as username
  • A password should contain numbers, capital letters & special characters.
  • Don’t forget to use 2-Factor Authentication
  • Download plugins which are compatible with latest updates
  • Limit Login Attempts
  • Never show your WordPress Version Number
  • Provide permissions to valuable files
  • Take regular backups
  • And much more to keep your website safe from attacks.

Understand each point in detail here: WordPress Security Tips

WordPress Version 4.9.5 is already released in the first week of April 2018. Have you updated your WordPress? No, do it as soon as possible otherwise be ready to become a victim for cyber criminals.


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