Will I Get PR After Study in Canada?

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Want to apply for permanent residence after finishing study in Canada? Read our full blog to know how to get PR in Canada after 1-year study, how to get PR in Canada after 2-year study, and get other imperative details. 

How to Get PR in Canada After Study?

Canada runs many immigration programs to enable Canada International Students to Get Canada PR After Study in Canada. Let’s dive deeper into the options aiding Canada international students to gain Canada PR posts, ending study in Canada

Canada Express Entry

Canada express entry is a persuasive option for Canada international students to acquire Canada PR and become a permanent resident in Canada. 30 CRS points were incorporated for three-year post-secondary, master’s degrees, professional degrees, and doctorates, and 15 CRS points were added for post-secondary diplomas of the duration of 1 or 2 years in November 2016. This helped several students study in Canada to attain an ITA for Canada PR when they are done with their studies.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot program holds a stream specifically designed to help Canada international students achieve Canada PR. It allows the students holding a job offer to settle in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island.

Prerequisites to apply under the Atlantic International Graduate Program include 

  • the student must have studied a full-time course in Canada for a minimum period of two years.
  • the student must hold a job offer for a minimum period of one year (job offer for skill NOC, O, A, B, or C).
  • the student must have lived in an Atlantic province for a minimum period of 16 months in the latest two years prior to graduation and so on. 


Ontario, the largest province in Canada has three streams supporting Canada international students to get Canada PR. The three streams intend to help students belonging to different graduate levels. The best part is only one of them demands candidates to have a job offer in hand. 

British Columbia

BC PNP Skills Immigration Stream for International Graduates

The class is meant to help international people who have completed studies at Canadian post-secondary institutions. There are certain requirements the candidates should meet to take advantage of the stream. You can connect with our Canada immigration consultants to know these requirements in detail.

BC PNP Skills Immigration Stream for International Post-Graduates

The program lets several students of B.C. post-secondary institutions live in British Columbia. A great thing about the category is that category does not ask the candidates to have a job offer for applying. Only the applicants who satisfy the desired requirements can be benefitted from the category.


Alberta does not offer any specific option to procure Canada PR for Canada international students. However, the stream called Alberta Opportunity Stream can aid students having a Post-Graduation Work Permit in attaining permanent residency in Canada. 


Saskatchewan Experience Category: International Student Stream Sub-Category

The category’s purposes is to aid students who studied in a Saskatchewan post-secondary institution. The category can be split into two streams

  1. Students Who Have Graduated from a Saskatchewan Institute
  2. Students Who Have Graduated from an Institute in Canada

Both streams have different sets of requirements and let students secure Canada PR differently. 


Manitoba International Education Stream

The Manitoba International Education Stream is specifically for Canada international students belonging to Manitoba colleges and universities. There are three pathways to leverage the stream namely, Career Employment Pathway, Graduate Internship Pathway, and International Student Entrepreneur Pilot. 

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Study and Stay

The Nova Scotia Study and Stay Program is particularly for international students belonging to China, India, and the Philippines. The program assists the students to establish a successful career in Nova Scotia province. 

Nova Scotia International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream

To qualify for Nova Scotia International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream, the candidate must satisfy certain requirements which say

  • The candidate must hold a good command of the English or French language.
  • The candidate must have a valid Post-Graduation Work Permit.
  • The candidate must have the intent to live in Nova Scotia permanently.
  • The candidate must have at least one year of experience in handling/owning a business in Nova Scotia and so on. 

Newfoundland & Labrador

Newfoundland & Labrador International Graduate Category

The Newfoundland & Labrador International Graduate Category is for the students who hold Post-Graduate Work Permit and a job or employment offer from an employer belonging to Newfoundland & Labrador. The student must satisfy a defined set of eligibility criteria to qualify under the category which includes

  • The applicant must have sound English / French language skills.
  • The applicant must have adequate funds to settle themselves in the province.
  • The applicant must have a plan to settle in the province permanently.
  • The applicant must hold a Post-Graduate Work Permit and so on.

Newfoundland & Labrador International Graduate Entrepreneur Category

The International Graduate Entrepreneur Category was announced on July 30, 2018. The prominent requirements to leverage the category include

  • The applicant must have completed a program of a minimum duration of two years.
  • The applicant is a temporary work permit holder and has established himself and his business appropriately before he applies for Canada PR and so on. 

New Brunswick

The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program does not offer any specific stream for international students. 

Prince Edward Island

The Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program does not present any specific stream for international students.


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