Ways A Social Media Virtual Assistant Can Help You Generate Content For Social Media

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Social media is the buzzword in business marketing today. Nearly every brand and business you know is on social media. Every business out there is in the race to maximize social media ROI for the posts and stand out amongst the sea of content that is being churned out every day.

Yes, generating content for social media is no easy task. You need to have an eye for stories, news, a spark of creativity to turn stories into interesting bytes and a thorough understanding of the audience’s mind to know what would click and what wouldn’t.

Generating content for social media is a full-time task and not every entrepreneur or businesses have the time or resource to devote to the task. That’s where social media virtual assistants come handy. Social media virtual assistants are basically remote workers who carry out a set of assigned tasks in exchange for a fee. They are skilled and qualified workers with expertise in managing social media platforms.

They are experienced of managing social media marketing for different niches and therefore have an understanding of the target market , audience and their likes and dislikes.

Generating content for social media is one of the main tasks performed by social media virtual assistants

Listed below are some of the ways they create content that garner social shares and engagement:-

Social Validation

Strong desire for approval is a common human psychology. People are always more interested in things that other people like or approve. They are curious to know more and often tend to like those things too.

For instance people were more likely to donate to a charity that already had a huge list of donors. Similarly if you are promoting a particular product or service, the idea is to include some kind of social proof like number of successful users, number of positive reviews were likely to add more weight to your content.

Use Buzzfeed and Upworthy For Interesting Scoops

There are online tools available like Buzzfeed, Upworthy, Google Trends that help you find content that people love. Interesting news, Articles that evoke positive emotions all can be sources of interesting content for social media.

Use your creativity and communication skills to create interesting bite-sized content that would catch the reader’s attention. Try using stories/articles that evoke powerful emotions like laughter, awe, amusement and people are sure to like it and share it further.

Keep A Tab On Latest Happenings

Stay updated and aware of latest happenings and create posts around it. They may or may not exact relate to your nature of business but will still enhance your brand awareness.

For instance, your favourite soccer team has won the recent soccer tournament, you can then use this bit of news to create a post which says “Team X (Your company name) celebrates the victory of Y (the soccer team) on their fabulous victory” This coupled with a nice visual can work as a simple yet interesting post and add to your brand value.

This will give the message to the audience that you (your company/brand) too  are human and share the same emotions as the general public.

Create An Emotional Story Around Your Product/Service

Of course the whole purpose of social media marketing is to promote your company and its products. You can’t always promote your products blatantly on social media. It’s not a good idea either.

A better idea would be to create a story-like campaign in the form of video or a short piece that evokes some emotional response like tears, joy, happiness etc.

Leverage Controversy

That’s news that some people would hate while others love, the news that’s likely to spark a debate. Debatable and controversial topics are likely to be shared the most.

Therefore as seen above, there are many ways to create content, you need to track your analytics and graphs to keep a track of the kind of posts and content your target audience likes.

As you come up with more and more ways to generate sharable content, it is also important to keep measuring important metrics like engagement rate, conversion rate etc. This will tell you what is and what isn’t working and will give insights on how to further improve your content.


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