17 Smart Ways to Earn Money Online

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Who likes 9 to 5 boring jobs nowadays? At one point; everyone gets frustrated and thinking about leaving the job but unfortunately; they don’t have any other sources to earn to money.

Again on next morning; they go for a job and kill the time doing monotonous chores. Most of the people have the same issue like mine, the earning from a job is not enough to meet the financial goals, dream lifestyle and support living.

If you’re the one like me; this below article is completely dedicated to you.

17 Smart Ways to Earn Online to Earn Extra with Little to No Investment

Everybody wants to do business or earn extra but they have a common excuse that they don’t have an investment fund to start a business.

Yes, I would say it “EXCUSE”. Numerous sources are available on the Internet from where you can generate secondary income and fulfill your dreams and meet the financial goals.

In short, I would like to say the secondary money is nothing but an initial investment fund for your next dream business project.

If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.

Warren Buffet

The time is gone to rely only on a Job; Kick Start making secondary income as everyone has his/her own talents, passions & limitations.

Become a Surveyors and Get Paid on Every Survey

If you are an avid person who loves to share opinions; you will get paid for privileges. Numerous companies will pay people to take surveys on a particular thing, so they can gather information about valuable users and then build a results-driven strategy.

I would like to suggest Cashback Research to start your career as an online surveyor.

Be an Amazon Mechanical Turk:

This is a bit weird as many employees don’t know about this. It doesn’t require deep technical knowledge to sign up for Amazon Mechanical Turk.

You can make this your secondary source of income if you are really willing to do basic tasks for the clients including removing duplicate content from a business listing, verifying details & translating sentences into another language.

Although you can’t get paid a huge amount but, you will earn extra to meet the financial goals.

Sell Your Talent Online

If you have a quality skill and in-depth expertise in a particular field; you will have a good chance to earn by selling your skills and talents to others.

For example, you could provide online lessons (handcrafting, music, fixing mobile issues, software bugs, etc.) over a Skype for a fee. Once, you done with your task; you will be paid a handsome amount.

Make this rule in life – “Don’t work for others without getting paid”.

Be a Virtual Assistant

Broadly-known nowadays, a Virtual Assistant helps users in various tasks quickly. Popular freelance sites like Upwork and freelancer have similar jobs available for VA (Virtual Assistant). Sign up and respond to the users who are willing to get an assistance.

Become a Fiverr Seller

Fiverr is a widely popular as a medium between skill seller and buyer in multiple disciplines. Build a winning gig for your talent and let buyer hire you.

For example, if you are good at creating advertising banners; you could find several freelance projects and get paid on completion. Yes, Fiverr is genuine.

Create, Upload Videos on YouTube & Earn from Ad Views

No, I am not telling to buy a smart camera to shoot the video and upload on YouTube. You can use your Smartphone to record the video & upload on the YouTube channel.

Even you don’t have a quality video recorder on your mobile phone; don’t worry; you can use online tools like Powtoon to create an informative video and upload on YouTube channel. In both the cases, you can earn money through Ad views.

To make your recorded video more entertaining; you can use video editing tools like Filmora to customize the video, add sound effects and insert text.

According to Forbes, PewDiePie – a gamer generated $15 million in YouTube revenue in 2015 alone.

Amazon Associate

This requires a basic marketing knowledge. It can help you earn money by adding the affiliate links to your website, blog or social media pages and spread your post worldwide through marketing.

When a visitor clicks on an Amazon affiliate link on your site and buys products within the same session, you will get a certain percentage of buying amount as a commission from Amazon.

Become a Motivational Coach (Obviously on the Internet)

People are in a depression and need a motivation for better living and achieving their life goals. You can be that person who can change the lives of depressed people and losers.

To become a technical coach; you require a certificate but that’s not the same for the motivational or life coach. A good common sense & motivational speech is enough to help others to achieve their goals and save from severe problems of life.

Review Websites & Mobile Apps for Cash

The job is as simple as you give a review of a movie. Here you need to review website. Write genuine reviews to websites and mobile apps for companies and they will pay for the service.

If you’re a well-established blog and/or active on social media channels; it can be an added advantage for you.

Become a Freelance Writer

Everyone is skilled in a specific subject. Convert your skill into a money generating machine; becoming a freelance writer.

You love to write on your favorite topic; you can offer content writing services to you niche for a fee. Several companies look for experienced writers who can deliver quality information to their subscribers. You can be one of them.

Publish Kindle Digital Books

If you are good at writing a book on fiction and non-fiction topics; Amazon brings a money generating platform where you can self-publish the book and get paid (See the manual how to get paid).

Amazon Kindle is now becoming popular among the kids in the western countries and you can take advantage of it too.

For Those Who are Either Blogger or Website Owner

Promote Brand Products on Your Blog

Having a website/blog with the crowded visitors can able to generate money for you. Promote products on your blog and earn when someone clicks or purchase products through your blog.

Popular sites such as SocialSpark offers website owners and bloggers cash for posting the products and services (original copy) to the websites.

Remember: Pay a close attention to the FCC disclosure requirements while getting paid.

Earn Through Google Adsense Ads

Configure Google Adsense on your website and give space to Google to display niche advertisement on your website. Now, when someone clicks on the advertisement displaying on your blog or website; you will get paid.

You have only task to promote your site and bring more visitors to a website means more click and more money as a result.

Promote Brand and Organization on Your Social Media

If you are active on social media sites and a big crowd is following you there, you have a good chance to fuel up your bank account.

Generally, local businesses and brands will compensate you for sharing their business on your social media pages.

In short, you are a third-party marketer for them and bring a niche crowd to their website. For example, some resorts and restaurants will pay you or give you a gift card or voucher if you check in on Yelp or Facebook.

Become a Freelance Website Designer

For this, you need to complete the course in web designing; it takes only 2-3 hours daily for a couple of months. Once, you able to design a website; you can start making secondary income.

Leverage demand for designers and build an alluring web design; your client is looking for. Start building a portfolio and find the new clients to earn money.

Earn Through Winning Blog

If you have a good skill in writing on specific topics; great you can convert your writing skill into generating cash. Numerous companies pay commission on putting affiliate links on your blog and also offer money for penning about their services and products related information.

A winning blog is depended on various factoring including writing talents, layout design and promotion.

Become an Online Teacher

Having a keen knowledge of a specific subject, you can teach others online. Websites like Udemy help talented teachers find students in their known streams and get paid by delivering online sessions.

According to Udemy, more than 15 million students are using the services and the number is increasing gradually.

Get Paid by Watching Videos

Seems strange, right? But true. You don’t need to do anything, just watch and couch. We all do watch TV and/or videos in our day to day life. But no one has paid for this, we paid instead to subscribe channels. But what if you will get paid to watch videos; it’s a jackpot for you.

InboxDollars: This is a website where you need to sign up and watch videos. The website will help you make cash or gift card in a short time. Can’t believe in it? Sign up and you will get $5 free instantly in your account.


Love to watch trailers? AppTrailers is a good option for you to watch app trailers and get rewards. Sign up today and start earning gradually

Ready to watch and earn?

Test Website and Earn:

Are you good at providing feedback and opinion for website including design, UI/UX factor, flow, quality and ease of use? You have a good skill to earn money online. There is a number of website owners who want to improve their website performance through good feedbacks from website testers.

Testing a website is a great way to earn money by providing your feedback that creates the value of an owner.

You can start with these below website testing sites:

  • WhatUsesDo: Earn $8 for just around 20-minute tests. You will need a microphone for this.
  • UserTesting: Complete the test and earn $10. It takes only 15 to 20 minutes.
  • UserConversion: You can get started in just 5 minutes. Study the website and earn $10 for each study test.

Sell Your Skills on Clarity.fm:

Clarity.fm is a good platform to sell your skills and expertise to business owners around the globe. They are available there to pick your brain and get valuable advice. You can start honing your skills and improve your expertise by sharing your thoughts.

If you are a good expert in building applications, raising money for startups, e-commerce marketing strategy or running a restaurant; you have a good opportunity to make extra income to pay your debt or save them for future purposes.

Do Data Entry for Companies

This is one of the easiest tasks for anyone to earn extra money online. The only requirement is a good typing skill. Yes, that’s it. Search for data entry jobs on websites like Indeed, UpWork, and Craigslist. Fill up data for companies and earn a handsome amount by completing the job.

Hire other people who are not aware of such sites to get data entry related task but excellent at typing. Distribute your task at a lower rate than you are getting. You will earn a passive income by doing nothing. Your small management skill can do all.

So, from which way; you would like to start fueling up your bank account with secondary income? Are you already making money (excluding job); please let us know in the comment section. We would like to add in the post to help needy people.


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