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Though social wanderers may come across a vast multitude of luscious websites which might be a figurative outcome of toiling and wading through an armada of websites, and the mere thought of prying open a box of opportunities is what drives these enthusiastic souls to clamber onto the innocuous, yet a realm of bitter strifes, these blogs have, undeniably become a forefront where authors like you, like me strive to work and leave an impeccable print onto the preface of these websites, which can rightly be termed as the face of the internet.

But come on, It’s just a normal blog, right?

The owner is probably looking for someone to cut him down some slack, as a result of not having an innate ability for remarkable vocabulary skills, or just because those English lectures back in his schooldays were too boring.

One might fathom over the fact that he is actually someone looking for sick language skills, as the youth say. You jot down fancy posts as an anonymous writer, get paid fat bucks, that’s where it all ends, and nobody is any the wiser.

 We may never know.

But what we can amass is, your dreams of landing an internship on those lucrative blogs might come to a grinding halt slap bang in the middle of nowhere for you to repose, just by tripping over a few facts that you might have been oblivious of before.

To avoid the chances of your post going down the drain, let’s get down to the immaculate details you’ve been missing writing a guest post all along. Move along, don’t make it too long, and before you know it, you’ll be tapping those keys as an incognito author, not on a browser tab of the same notoriety, which, as you know it, makes us ponder over whether we can write a compelling offer or not!

# 1.Getting in the groove

Do your homework and research beforehand. Understand the niche of the blog. Don’t do it just for the sake of fulfilling your heart’s desire to be a part of something with an aura of everlasting charm and grandeur (content writing).

Although content writers can delve into pretty much anything and everything they’ve been assigned to look into, and garnering widespread public attention is the least of their worries. With their impeccable writing skills, while, this job might be a cakewalk for many veteran writers, it’s safe to assume you’d be better off sticking with something you’re familiar with.

It’s never fun to blurt out questionable claims and theories inadvertently, and bear witness, in vain, as your employer gets sued for it. Once you’ve gathered sufficient experience that’d last you a lifetime, take a leap and move over to more ambitious projects! Of course, you’d also have your previous exploits to back your resume with.

 # 2.Get that feeling of oneness lit up in him

Relax! It’s just one out of the innumerable chances life lavishes you with. Don’t get carried away by those extra formal letters you’ve learnt to write at school.

Letters of that kind can force your principal to grant you a sick leave, but the 25-something entrepreneur will surely force it down his trash bin, and you know the mails that descend into this gloomy abyss aren’t reconsidered, right? These young entrepreneurs have had their share of being pestered around and getting complimented as Madams and Sirs.

Be a normal human for once, and certainly not a slave. Soak in his traits and see for yourself if they resonate with yours. You could potentially benefit from this scheme of things even more.

Refrain from over personalising the email too much. Well, he’s your employer, after all. In all sense, use honorifics whenever too formal engagements are due to be considered. Maintain a perfect balance between casualness and decency while you can!

# 3.Buzzwords are lame, old works set your mail aflame

Avoid buzzwords and too many technical jargons. Write with an elegant style throughout your mail. Make them believe that you’re the man for the job, not one of those potential interns/freelancers herded in his “Not Worthy” folder. Be concise with your message, it should embody and assimilate as much work as you have to offer.

Attach some work samples. It doesn’t do wonders for your email, but it sure gives you a strategic edge over others who are just trying to leech off the employer by passing as relatively inexperienced and naive for the job beforehand.

Adding on weight (metaphorically, of course. No puns intended if that’s what you’re planning to gain, too) is always your little secret weapon.

Wonder why the term “little?”

 Because no one would open up an adjoining document if the dissatisfaction due the primary mail you’ve sent curtails the benevolent words you’ve penned down in the affixed file.

# 4.Get your grammar Sorted out

Ever experienced the anxiousness that slithers through our mind when we se a grammatically incorrect sentence, or the way the author uses the punctuation to his own free will? That’s unjust and unaccounted for.

  • I’m sorry I’ll have to disagree!
  • I’m sorry, but I opt to disagree.

See the difference a few tweaks can bring about? The first one sounds just plain rude. That’s what you’d say when someone rear-ends your car and you’re revving up for a scuffle.

The second one, however, with the modest use of words, is more suited to misunderstandings in a formal work environment. Although apologising like that isn’t necessary, unless you’ve made one big mess of the site, or slept through the hours he’s been expecting you to be working in. Use different forms of rationalisations, excuses, sorry, play around a bit, don’t sound too apologetic.

At the same time, don’t sound too happy about it. That should be saved for the last moment, when the eternal bliss and joy overpowers your fear in this digital world and you find solace in it.


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